Saturday, February 28, 2009

Winter is Back!!

Winter is back.
It is not fair. People in Seattle are not used to lots of snow. And I think end of February is too late to have lots of snow and cold temperatures. But this year, we have.

I have had to decide whether to turn on the filter heater again and again. It also didn’t help that the temperature gauge broke. . Oh well, off to support the local Koi shop.

Also it is good to keep an extra eye on the Koi to see if any problems are occurring. I have a few long finned Koi and sometimes one or two of them seem to get more problems with the fins. If the fins are showing signs of getting frayed or being eaten you may need to deal with it. It could be a number of things. You should perform a complete set of water tests. I also use Salt added to the pond to help out. Salt takes some stress off of the fish by making their systems work more efficiently. It also irritates their scales and increases the slimy covering on the scales. This covering helps protect the fins from what was causing trouble with their fins.

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