Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Photos

Spring is a great time to look over your fish to make sure no problems have taken root over the winter. While the water gets green very early, you can see your fish well enough. You can also take some nice photos of your fish.

Digital photography allows for modifications that are truly amazing.

Picasa (free from has functionality that allow you to modify your photos. In addition to the obvious cropping and straightening, you can adjust the contrast, color, and general lightness of the photo.

Within Picasa, there are three buttons that are quite useful, especially for those new to digital photography. The “I’m feeling lucky” button, the “Auto contrast” button and the “Auto color” produce powerful results.

The “I’m feeling lucky” button reviews the picture and makes changes to the lighting and the colors within the picture. It truly makes some very good improvements. The “Auto contrast” button makes similar changes to the contrast within the digital photo. The “Auto color” adjusts the color to make up for any weaknesses in the color representation. I make use of those three buttons frequently. These pictures have been improved with the use of those buttons.
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