Sunday, September 13, 2009

Safety in numbers or mass insanity?

This weekend was the annual Washington Koi and Water Garden show. It is one of the premier Koi and garden shows in the northwest. This year was the 18th annual show and was held in conjunction with Aki Matsuri (A celebration of Japan's rich cultural heritage). Basically, this just means a bunch of cool Koi and gorgeous Japanese stuff all in one place. For someone wanting to learn about this stuff, this is about the best place in the world to do so. Just jump right in. And when in doubt, ask anyone for help. At places like this, the common element is Koi and water garden fanatics, so everyone is very helpful.

There were many ways to gain some knowledge at this show:

Koi judging
This was one of the main reasons for the Washington Koi and Water Garden show. A team of international Koi judges was assembled to judge the entries to this show. For the people who enjoy memorizing encyclopedias, here is a nice thorough description of Koi judging criteria. For the rest of the world, suffice to say that Koi are judged on shape, color pattern, the actual color itself, and overall quality. In future Koi Garden posts we will cover each Koi in the Koi Garden in detail. At that time we will get into what makes each Koi great, and how tough it is to achieve. Koi enthusiasts bring their special Koi in from all over the northwest to be part of this judging. At the show, there must have been 30 odd individual tanks. I could spend the entire post showing the beautiful Koi being judged here, but you get the idea.

Koi College
At the Washington Koi and Water Garden show there are Koi and garden classes that cover everything from the history of Koi and Koi health to Koi ponds in a Japanese garden. These sessions were great and free to the public. The people that put on these sessions were really bright and experienced. Again a heartfelt recommendation from The Koi Garden Guy as a way to become a Koi Garden fanatic!!!

Koi and Garden Pond Stuff Sales

At shows like this, it is always a great place to pick up some Koi. The show has Koi of all shapes and sizes. Not only can you buy show quality Koi at the auctions, but you can buy the littler ones about 1-2 years.

For the kids, you can also get the one inch long Koi. What a great way to get the kids involved and hooked at an early age. Kids are really ready to get into this stuff.

But be careful on what you buy. The one inch Koi that was such a hit with the kids will grow fast and could even grow into one of the three feet long show beauties that you can see at this show. The Koi Garden Guy recommends building your Koi Garden accordingly!!!!

What would a show be without the ability to buy some really neat stuff? This show is no different. In addition to the great displays and booths put on and managed by everything from pond pump, filter and linings companies, there were garden accessories companies, fountain companies, artwork, books, tiles, aprons, even Koi paperweights. Remember the goal is to fill your house will all things Koi and Japanese Garden!!!

Auction of Koi, Koi stuff and pond paraphernalia
Humans like a great deal, and Koi and Japanese Garden people are no different. One of the main parts of the Washington Koi and Water Garden show is the Koi Auction. There was an auction of live Koi fish and also donated Koi paraphernalia. You haven’t seen furious bidding until you have seen Koi enthusiast bid against each other for a Koi. Simply amazing!!!


Karla said...

It sounds like a fun time! Do you know if there are any coming up out here in the Northeast?

Alan Deacon

KoiGarden Guy said...

Hi There Alan:
Thanks for visiting the Koi Garden Blog site (

I am not that familiar with the Koi and Garden happenings in the NE. I did find this web site that seems to have good info and links (
The Genesee one has some upcoming meetings that appear to be at a neat location but not too sure about a full blown show.

I visited your web site as well. Great work!!!

Thanks for visiting and please come back often!!!