Saturday, November 28, 2009

Koi Garden Guy's Gift Guide part II

Last week I covered the items 10 to 6 of the Koi Garden Guys recommended shopping list.  This week I will finish off the guide.

5. Koi Cufflinks.  Just what the smartly dressed Koi Garden owner should be wearing this season, preferably in a nice spring party in your Koi Garden.

4.  Comprehensive Koi book.  This book is one of the best.  It is  the first places I go to find answers for any questions I have regarding the Koi Garden.

3.  Ceramic Warming stools.  No Koi Garden should be without them.  They should be placed near the pond for the best viewing of the pond.  Make sure to place them so they become warm from the morning sun (get it?  Warming stools?).  There is no place better to have a warm cup of coffee or tea.

2.  Japanese lantern.  A Rustic Lantern is must-have item for every Koi Garden.  The more rustic, the better.  Make sure you cover yours with a nice blanket of moss.  (For tips on getting moss to grow just right, please check my earlier post.) While you can buy them on Amazon, you can find beautiful ones at your local Japanese garden store.  I've showcased my beautiful lantern in several previous posts in addition to the moss post.

1.  Bronze Heron.  This can be a highlight of your Koi Garden.  I've found this nice one for you on Amazon, but you should be able to find nice specimens at your local garden art store.  One of our favorite stores Oasis Water Gardens, has some very pretty ones.

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