Sunday, February 14, 2010

Strange goings on in the Koi Garden

Winter is a time of projects, and we have done our share of projects here at the Koi Garden over the years.  Pond projects that disrupt the Koi are usually done in the summer when they are awake and active.  The immune system of the fish goes dormant in the winter and therefore they cannot take the stress of any changes in their environment.   Therefore this time of year is for the other projects.

But be afraid.  Be very afraid!

An installation of bamboo flooring in the downstairs office and the adjoining bathroom kinda burst out the door into the Koi Garden.  And yes, that is a toilet in our back yard...

While your neighbors might not mind your individualistic tastes in lawn ornaments, it is probably best to take into account how this will affect your fish…  Don't let any of the chemicals and paints get anywhere near the water.  Saw dust or any construction dirt will cause big problems if they get in the pond water.  Don't even think of using the pond as a workspace.  The vibrations of power tools like saws and drills gets magnified and propagated throughout the pond.  And if your pond is covered in ice, don't think for a minute that it buffers the fish from their surroundings.   Ice will act as a conduit for any sound or vibration that hits it.  It is best to keep any work far away from the Koi pond.

Remember Koi are people too..

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