Monday, May 24, 2010

Birds and Bees in the Koi Garden

We have had many visitors to the Koi Garden so far this year.  Many family members have visited us and stopped by to see the happenings. 

But we have also had visitors of a smaller variety:  The Birds and the Bees have come to the Koi Garden; literally!!!!

One of the later additions in the last few years has been a very nice “Goldenchain” tree (Laburnum).  While not a tree that normally is found in Japanese or Chinese gardens, I just love the cascading flowers every Spring.  It makes for nice photos, both close up and further away.  And with all those flowers, the trees have become magnets for both Bumble Bees and Hummingbirds.  Both of these are welcome visitors!!!

Another of the visitors has set up residence.  A small bird has moved into one of the bird houses built from license plates.   The bird house was placed behind the Goldenchain tree and close by both water and bird feeders;  a pretty smart bird!!!  While we have heard no chirping coming from the bird house yet, there is quite a lot of movement in and out, with one bird bringing lots of food in.  I am speculating that his partner is in the house tending to the eggs.  I will keep you informed re and new inhabitants of the Koi Garden in upcoming weeks.

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