Monday, September 28, 2009

A chill is in the air….

Well the summer is gone, at least for now.

This drop in temperature affects the inhabitants of the Koi Garden Pond as much as it does humans. While we can scurry for the fall sweaters and sweatshirts, the Koi cannot do so. Even though a large percentage of the Koi Garden pond is situated underground, which moderates any temperature changes, the water still does change according the air temperature. I just checked the water temperature today and it has gotten down to 58 degrees F. It was in the 70s a week or so ago.

There are two parts of temperature change to be concerned about: The resultant temperature; and the speed in which the temperature changes.

Now the 50s are not really a problem for the Koi. You can continue to feed the Koi, just switch the food to a lower protein variety. As we mentioned in earlier blogs, temperatures less than 50 degrees are where you have to be more concerned. That is when I stop feeding altogether. So imagine the problem if/when the temperature raises over 50 again? Do you start feeding again? Continue not feeding? And what about the food previously eaten but not fully digested? All sorts of problems can and do occur. It is better to go through the temperature change through the 50s just once or twice a season.

So, back to our old friend, the aquarium heater. We use the heater to regulate the pond and filter water temperature. It won’t keep the pond above 50 degrees all winter, but it will slow the decline. And that is really what we need to do anyway.

Much better than trying to fit a sweatshirt on a Koi...

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