Sunday, October 4, 2009

Out & About in the Koi Garden Neighborhood

Keeping Koi is a popular hobby in Seattle.
Many people keep Koi ponds, some of them hidden, throughout the neighborhoods. There are probably countless people keeping Koi in aquariums as well. Those hobbyists will also probably end up having a small pond in the future as their Koi outgrow their glass enclosures.

Up until now, I have shown many photos of the Koi Garden. However, in the future I intend to show other ponds as well, both private and public. Some will be formal, public Japanese Gardens, while others will be personal ponds. This is one of those.

This pond, which belongs to my neighbor Miss M., is an older pond, with some beautiful boulders, rocks and older, established plantings. Maples, pines and ferns can all be seen in the picture below.

You’ll also notice that the water is perfectly clear and it is so without a filter system. That is one of the signs of a well designed pond. For this pond, it is probably due to the larger size and fewer fish in addition to the substantial shade, inhibiting the green water growth.

One of the beautiful features of this garden is the graceful bridge, a common element of more traditional Japanese gardens.

And of course, no pond tour is complete without at least one picture of its inhabitants. And these lucky fish will have lots of room to grow in the years ahead.

I hope you enjoyed seeing Miss M’s garden as much I do.

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