Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Colors in Seattle Japanese Garden

The Fall color provides a great excuse to see other Japanese Gardens.  And when the weather cooperates, we cannot miss the opportunity.  We have shown the Seattle Japanese Gardens earlier in the spring.  This weekend we went back to see the fall colors.

 Because there is so much to see, this week we will focus on the gardens and not the beautiful inhabitants that live in the pond.  The pond water was not very clear and we had enough trouble reducing the number of beautiful pictures to an amount that we could show on this blog.  In fact, if you want to see more photos of the Japanese Gardens, we have created a Picasa web site to see the complete set of photos.  See the pictures at this web site.  Contact Koi Garden Guy for purchases and prints.  Enjoy!!!!

Photographing Japanese Gardens are one of the only times where an overcast sky is a good thing.  The overcast sky allows for use of a lower exposure and brings the colors into the photo better.  Also this is a public park that gets a lot of mileage with people and their families.   So it might be hard to completely get people free photos.  It might make sense not to even try.  There are lots of nice family shots and the people interactions are very nice. 

The Seattle Japanese Gardens does make special provisions for photographers.  Certain Tuesdays during the best weeks of the year, photographers can have a free run of the gardens, before they are open to the public.  At those times, tripods are allowed.  The cost for these times is 30$ and sign-up is required.  During the normal times, tripods are not allowed.  The legs cause trouble with all the families, etc.  Check the web site for more info.

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