Sunday, November 1, 2009

My nemesis has a hot tub?

Well, what can I say, it might be war. It also might be a faulty pool thermometer. I don’t know. But I really have a suspicion that my nemesis, the raccoons are back. Or maybe nemesi? Is that a word? Or is it nemesis’? Either way, some background is required.

Because the weather changes a lot this time of year, I use a floating thermometer, the same kind used in swimming pools and hot tubs, to monitor temperature. I check it every few days and if need be, turn off the heater or turn it back on as needed.

That is where the problems began. I looked to check the thermometer the other day and could not find it. I looked everywhere. I had removed the string holding the thermometer because in a 3 foot by 10 foot pond, how far can a floating thermometer wander? And what self respecting Koi Garden pond owner would damage the look with an ugly, algae ridden string draped across the pond?

A pool thermometer doesn’t just walk away on it’s own. And I don’t think a new thermometer would just sink on its own? Of course because the water has been warm lately, it is still very green and I can’t be 100% sure it isn’t at the bottom.

Nope, it must be the Raccoons. I know it is them. They have come back and taken the pond thermometer for their own nefarious needs. The gauntlet has been thrown. They have sent a message. It is now mano a mano. Man vs Raccoon.

An over-reaction, you say? A fictional foe, you might think? An early onset of SAD (Seasonally Affected Disorder)?

I think not.
There have been other signs that they are here. A disrupted set of glass floats. A moved bamboo water outlet. There are even signs on the pond cover has been bounced on while playing with the water outlet. Even a broken floating ceramic turtle; the head was ripped off.

The gloves are coming off….

More later.....


Butcher of Bend said...

But they look sooo cute!

Mr Raccoon never hurt anybody...

They were here first...

Raccoons are people too...

Well, still, they must be dealt with. I say, since you can't use high calibers, use high voltage. The neighborhood cats would just be collateral damage. Darwins law.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a job for the Bearded Burly Bourne Boy. My prediction: Raccoons:0, BBBB:1.