Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bringing the Koi Garden inside

Things can get quite slow in the winter around the Koi Garden.  Well at least it seems so, but maybe that is because we spend so much time in the house and not in the garden….

Either way, the leaves disappear, the plants will slow down, the colors mute, and the weather gets worse.   The days get so short that work starts in the dark and ends in the dark, further reducing the usable garden time.  The longing for the spring increases…  Oh, what to do?  Oh, what to do?

But wait, there is a solution!
Why not bring the Koi Garden indoors?  No, really!  Well, not the entire garden but a miniscule representation of the garden?  Yeah!  No reason why not!!!

You can bring small plants and mosses indoors and place them where you can see them and watch them grow every day of the winter.  Bringing things in during the dead of the winter allows you to experience an early spring.  The plants are tricked by the raised temperature of the house to think that it is time for buds to bloom, for leaves to open, all to your advantage.  These new plants require no more effort than any of the rest of your plants.  Plus for those of you that have followed me into the realm of moss fanaticism, this is a great use of any moss you have cultivating somewhere.

A trip to your local thrift shop or local garden center can yield a plethora of places to hold your miniature gems (I just love using the word plethora).  I use large glass containers to achieve a terrarium effect.  Many have small openings on the top or tops to close them altogether.  This is especially good when you want to create a moist, warm environment.  They can be especially stylish as table arrangements.  And I thought so before I got the latest copy of Sunset magazine….  LOL

For those times when you don’t want a glass enclosure, a small bonsai pot works great to help build a little world to bring the outdoors in.  Remember the rule of threes when placing stuff.  Moss, a little maple tree sapling, and a small, shaped granite stone combine to make a nice, balanced scene. 

Both can be kept in the house year round.  Just be sure to keep them away from the direct sun during the summer.  Until then, enjoy the mini Koi Garden in your house!!!

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