Sunday, January 3, 2010

Santa Loves Koi Gardens

Every once in a while I come across a product that I just have to report back about.  I have written about our 10 recommended gifts for the Koi Gardener.  This holiday I received a present off that list.  It has allowed me the opportunity to install and try out the product in more detail.  It is a product that really makes Koi Gardening a lot easier.  

I received a La Crosse Technology WS-9029U Wireless Weather Station with Digital Time.  Essentially, it reports both the time and any temperatures of interest to a Koi Gardener; any temperature, both air and water.  Plus it is expandable just by purchasing more remote temperature sensors.  It is the perfect gift for the fanatical Koi Gardener with a penchant for technology.  I have it set up to report on internal house temperature, external air temperature, and the temperature of the water in the pond, all from the convenience of my home.  I could purchase an additional sensor to report on the water temperature of the filter assembly, but really, one water temperature reading for the pond is enough, even for me…

Before you think that this is a technological solution looking for a problem, think about the cold winter days that you can avoid walking out to the pond and measuring the temperature.  The argument becomes even stronger if you have snow and ice covering the pond.  I now look forward to those days, when I can check the temperatures from the warmth of my house….  Plus it will serve as round one in my war with the Raccoons.

Installation is straightforward and easy.  About the only problem is finding the right batteries for both the base station (AA batteries) and remote sensor (AAA batteries)...

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